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Isolated and unwelcome in the picturesque seaside village of Rawscar, Reverend Cass Fordyce has lost her faith and her home. Christmas is coming, and she isn’t looking forward to it. Then she meets attractive ladies’ man Hal – twice divorced and with a reputation as a ladies’ man he’s everything that a celibate vicar like Cass should avoid … especially as he’s hiding secrets of his own, including his past with the mysterious Anna.

“Much more than a Christmas book … a stunning and unique debut.” Rachel Dove.

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Alice has landed her dream job, searching the Misterley Manor archives for tales of the elusive Gilbert Fox-Travers who built the house. Life should be perfect, if only she could untangle her complicated love life …

Caroline is desperately trying to keep Misterley from falling down around her ears, and it’s a tough enough job without throwing a stroppy teenager, a difficult ex-husband and a cantankerous father into the mix. When disaster strikes, Caroline and her family must pull together to save her beloved family home.

Can Alice uncover the mystery of Fox-Travers in time to save the manor?