Cat shaped mistakes

My mistakes this week have mainly involved cats. Letting them sit in the same room as me whilst working does not seem to be a good idea this week; for some reason, our big, placid ginger cat Joey has decided that writing is NOT something I should be doing when he’s around.

I spread all my index cards out to try and work out some plotting issues with the latest novel. First, Joey tried to eat my pen as I scribbled some plot points down. Then he very carefully and deliberately walked across the index cards, scattering them left, right and centre, and when this didn’t create quite enough confusion he stretched out a delicate little ginger paw and batted several away onto the floor.  I stood up, irritated, to put them back in the right place, only to find that while my back was turned that same paw was pushing my pen off the table. If he could have laughed, he would have done.

I threw him out of the room.

image1 (39)

Only to find that when I went upstairs to work on some of what I had spent the morning planning, there he was, curled up on my desk chair, grinning maliciously in his sleep. I picked him up and put him on the floor. Now he’s sulking, and if you ask me, he’s poised, ready for his next attack … Don’t ask what’s under his furry behind, it’s probably my index cards …

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