An introduction to … Aunty Marjorie.

My favourite character in the whole novel is possibly Marjorie, Caroline’s eccentric aunt. She crept in from an unpublished early novel, now banished to that shoebox under the bed, but I couldn’t quite shut the box on Marjorie, so here she is, reborn.

Marjorie is a confident woman in her seventies who knows her own mind and will not conform to what her family, her friends or society expect of her. Widely travelled and open minded she has experienced more than all of the other inhabitants of Misterley put together!  Though if you want to know what she got up to on the beach with Pedro in the 1960s you’ll have to read the novel …

marjorie boots

Image from Pixabay. Marjorie is considerably older than this model, but this is exactly the kind of outfit she would choose for a country walk.

‘There was an older lady in the courtyard. A tall lady, short grey hair, parrot earrings and a purple kaftan? She let me in.’

‘Ah. I see. Aunty Marjorie,’ said Caroline, with a sigh.

Who else could it have been? That woman was a law unto herself.

Like the rest of her family, sometimes Marjorie’s absent-mindedness (she regularly locks herself out of the house) and lack of focus can hinder Caroline’s attempts to keep the Manor in one piece. But Marjorie’s heart is always in the right place … even if she can’t quite remember where that place is ….

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