An Evening at Misterley Manor

For a little bit of fun on the publication day of The Manor on the Moors I thought that I’d share with you what life might be like on a typical September day at Misterley Manor, the setting for the book, just as the novel begins.

It’s evening. Caroline has finally left her desk, and Emily and Marjorie are cooking some salmon for tea in the family kitchen. Caroline offers to take some up for her father. He complains that fish doesn’t agree with him, but Caroline knows to ignore all that by now. She trudges slowly down the stairs; Marjorie and Emily have gone off to do their own thing and the kitchen is empty. Sometimes, Caroline feels very isolated, even surrounded by her own family.

manor night

Alice has walked back home to Rawscar along the clifftop path. The smell from the fish and chip shop has been too much for her again, and for the third time this week she’s had fish and chips for tea. Sebastian wouldn’t approve … but he’s not here, is he? Although now it’s getting dark, he’ll probably be getting in touch with her very soon, just before bedtime, like he does most evenings. She’d better make sure she’s finished her fish-and-chips before then …

Tom’s exhausted after a hard day of physical labour. He’s having a nice cool shower. I’ll just leave that image with you.

Emily is texting Mikey. If anybody asks, she’s doing her homework. She’s certainly not going to share the contents of those messages.

Marjorie goes out to the summer house by herself for a bit of fresh air and solitude. She watches the sunset and remembers that time, long ago, when she and Anton spent the night half way up the mountain. They watched the sun set over the Alps that night … Aaah, those were the days.

Duncan’s working hard, marking essays while he listens to Radio 3. Sometimes the house feels very empty.

tom shower

Image from Pixabay. 


Tom’s still in the shower, by the way …

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